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Sarah Pickthall

Artist, Producer, Relation

Bringing people to a new sense of themselves in their work and life environments through creative engagement, coaching and community production is what Sarah does best. Her work is all about making people’s lives feel better and mean more. Blue Touch Paper Carnival (2011) btpcarnival.co.uk Sync Leadership (2011) syncleadership.com The PantryProject (2011) thepantryproject.co.uk

Short Biography

Sarah Pickthall trained in Drama at Exeter University and studied Kabuki Theatre at Kokuritsu Gekijo, Tokyo in Japan. A career spanning live performance and children’s television, she is best known for writing and performing The Handymen in the Bafta nominated programme Zzzap - a televisual comic for CITV in association with The Media Merchants.

Loyal Enemy has called Sarah back to performance after several years of pause and repose.

Loyal Enemy has all the interesting trappings of a Sarah Pickthall project with its sensitive engagement, development and community outreach but with reverence, puts her life, her blood and unique heritage that is Mohammed Marmduke Pickthall and his wife Muriel, right at the heart of the work.


Loyal Enemy and the light of my Uncle Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall has given me the incentive to play my part in a story that holds so much meaning for our complex lives today.

Photo of Sarah Pickthall
Photo of Sarah Pickthall