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Avaes Mohammed

Associate Artist

Playwright, poet, performer and research chemist. In 2005, Avaes received the Amnesty International Media Award for his poem Bhopal, broadcast as part of the BBC's commemoration of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster. Avaes is currently Director of the British South Asian Aesthetics Project, an initiative committed to the exploration of theatrical forms deemed representative of contemporary British South Asian identities.

Short Biography

Avaes Mohammad is a poet, playwright, performer and analytical chemist. Works written for theatre include ‘Crystal Kisses’, touring productions of ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘Shadow Companion’, for radio ‘Bora Bistrah ‘(BBC Radio 3) and for short film ‘Take It Slow’ (Contact Theatre/BBC Co-production). As poet, Avaes has performed internationally and is part of the Verbalized collective, an internationally touring troupe of British and South African poets, supported by the British Council. In 2005, he received the Amnesty International Media Award for his poem ‘Bhopal’, broadcast as part of the BBC’s commemoration of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster.

Also committed to participatory work, especially with young people, Avaes regularly delivers creative workshops, using theatre, rap, poetry and science, in education, community and organisational settings. Teacher-practitioner roles have included facilitation for the Unheard Voices writing programme (Royal Court) amongst others. His recent appointment as Associate Artist with London based Tamasha Theatre Company, Avaes has lead upon the ‘Small Lives Global Ties’ writers group, a group committed to exploring cultural specific writings as a means by which to attain universality. Avaes is currently writing towards four new plays for various theatre companies across the UK. Avaes Mohammad is an alchemist-artist creating challenging, provocative work in response to a challenging, provocative world.



I like his moustache. And his side parting. Most of all though Iím drawn to his story of personal integrity, which reads like a tale of knights, quests and ancient codes of chivalry. Pickthall wandered the world searching for a truth and when he found it for himself, remained true to it and also to the people and causes he befriended along the way. His story is as simple and as epic as that and marries the best of what I know of Islam with the best of what I know of England.

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