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Loyal Enemy is the name given to the R&D in 2011 stirring the ideas, opinions and imagination of an extraordinary artist collective.  

Sarah Pickthall will be developing the mixed media performance archive through a blog from early 2014. 

The setting is 100 years ago and Marmaduke Pickthall is back in England where the British position on the situation in Turkey is extreme and evident. A rabid turcophile, walking out of church for the last time.

In a small Sussex village church, Pickthall heard a vicar hurling imprecations against the devilish Turk. The last straw was Charles Wesley’s hymn

For the Mahometans:

‘O, may thy blood once sprinkled cry. For those who spurn Thy sprinkled blood:Assert thy glorious Deity. Stretch out thine arm thou triune God.The Unitarian fiend expel. And chase his doctrines back to Hell.'

He remembered the refugees in Istanbul, their lips removed as trophies by Christian soldiers. He remembered that no Muslim would ever sing a hymn against Jesus. He could stand no more. He left the church before the end of the service, and never again considered himself a Christian.....



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