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I never knew you...

My father never really spoke much to me and my brothers about anything, let alone the Pickthall side of things. He was Catholic. My mother was Jewish/Catholic. There was nothing of Islam in our lives.

As for Marmaduke Pickthall, I'm ashamed to say, he was just a very strange name on some very old books in my father's study, packed tightly together, gathering dust and very much out of reach. I knew Marmaduke had done some extraordinary things in his time but it was only when I picked the first book from the shelf a few weeks after my father's death, that I began to realise what I'd been missing all my life.....

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Working on Loyal Enemy has been a revelation to me. We aim to put brother Pickthall back into the limelight and before an audience where he truly belongs, before some right wing anti-Muslim thinktank nicks his name.

-Hassan Mahamdallie